What glittery clothes will make you shine in 2024 ?

Sequined clothing has the unique ability to add a touch of sparkle and glamour to any outfit. They brighten up a silhouette, catch the eye and add a dose of festivity to any occasion. Far from being confined to formal evenings, sequins have now been democratised and come in a multitude of styles, allowing them to be incorporated into both everyday and evening looks. Here's what's hot right now.

The sequin trend: chic and daring

In 2024, sequins are being reinvented and given new facets. Fitted cuts and refined details give way to looser silhouettes and plays on transparency for a style that's both chic and daring. Click here for Direct access to the most aesthetic sequin clothing on the market.

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Sequin ensembles

For a glamorous, assertive look, sequined outfits, whether a jacket and trouser pair or a jumpsuit, are a must. Opt for flowing cuts and shimmering colours like gold, silver or powder pink to shine brightly.

Sparkling touches

If you want to adopt the glitter trend in a more discreet way, opt for key pieces that will add a touch of sparkle to your outfit. A sequin top paired with raw denim jeans or a leather skirt for a rock chic look, or a sequined blazer jacket to sublimate a sober black dress.

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Bold accessories

Sequined accessories are not to be outdone, making it easy to accessorise an outfit. A sequined clutch bag, a pair of glittery heels or jewellery adorned with sequins will add a touch of glamour and fantasy to your look.

Tips for embracing sequins with style

Wearing sequined clothes doesn't have to mean turning into a disco ball. You just need to follow a few tips to incorporate them into your wardrobe with style and elegance.

Go for quality

Choose well-fixed, high-quality sequins for an impeccable look. Opt for flowing, comfortable fabrics that gracefully hug your figure.

Balance your outfit

To avoid a look that's too much, pair your sequined pieces with more sober, plain clothes. Raw jeans, a black T-shirt or a white shirt will be perfect to counterbalance the glitter.

Choosing the right accessories

Opt for discreet, elegant accessories that won't overpower your outfit. A fine necklace, a pair of delicate earrings or an elegant watch will be enough to sublimate your glittery look.

Assuming your style

Wear your sequinned clothes with confidence and self-assurance. Sequins are a real asset for asserting your personality and your unique style.

The first step to embracing your glitter is to cultivate a positive attitude. Don't be afraid of people's stares and wear your sparkly clothes with confidence and self-assurance. Glitter is a real asset for asserting your personality and uniqueness.

The most important thing is to feel good in your clothes. If you love sequins and they make you feel beautiful and radiant, then wear them without hesitation! The pleasure you take in wearing them will show and add to your charm.


Sequined clothing is an ideal way to add a touch of glamour and festivity to your wardrobe. By following the advice in this article, you'll be able to wear them with style and elegance for any occasion, so you can shine and radiate personality.